Talk to a drug dealer

Have you ever wondered how our kids obtained hard drugs? Have you ever thought, “How come I never noticed my child using?” or “Where do they hide the stuff?”

If you’re like me, the questions are almost endless but who do you ask? Meet Jeff Brown, Jeff is also looking forward to visiting with you. Jeff was once one of the largest drug dealers (see note below) in Oklahoma City, if you have a question about drugs, he has the answer. Jeff spent ten years in state prisons and like Brian, would be someone who would make quite an impression on your child.

Jeff now owns his own business, is married and has two wonderful children. He is a very fine Christian man and I promise you, you will be glad you talked to him. He can be reached at 405-361-5333 (email: )

Use every tool at your disposal. Do whatever is necessary to keep your child off alcohol/drugs.

Note: Drug DEALERS start out as teenage drug — USERS. They suffer from the same disease.

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